Andy's Car Crash


The first view we have from a new album is of course the sleeve's picture and the one of this cd reminds me of the first Bauhaus album and as well the "Lite Fantastik" of the Prunes, but this comparison doesn't go any further.
"Formes" gave me the same feeling I had when listening for the first time to the "f#a#infinite" of Godspeed You Black Emperor, which is a rather flattering association. And this is particularly true for the main track of the album, which also gave it its title; a 20 minutes intrumental masterpiece, with swirling and glittering guitars weaving one's way through delicate drums, slacks periods alternating with hallucinated crescendos.
The modern approach of this quintet from Bordeaux is rather disturbing in the ordinary industrial scene and offers brilliant sound-ideas. After having heard the noisy hardcore and roars of their first album, "Formes" is a radical change in their way of considering music, which is now ambient electronic, very close to works from Nurse With Wound, or Autechre and Aphex Twin, but with a stronger industrial attitude. Each sound we know from our daily environnement is a music note, which make up, once put together, an incredible dissonant symphony with experimental and current chords. Beautiful instrumental pieces imbued with a phenomenal tension and a magical harmony. Call it post-rock electronica or ambient experimental, this French band has proved now that they brilliantly acquired their artistic independence, in the same way as Einstürzende Neubauten at their beginning.

This album is of course highly recommended.

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