Between Sun and Moon - Amplexus

Among the ambient labels that we know, Amplexus, located in Vittorio in Italy, took a considerable importance over these last years, becoming one of the most prestigious names of this scene.Stefano Gentile founded Amplexus in 1994 and has among his protégés the most talented artists of the moment, as Vidna Obmana, TUU, Alio Die, Steve Roach, Temps Perdu?, Aube or Amir Baghiri, to mention only a few. Amplexus also diversified in several divisions, in order to vary the offer. this is how appeared structures such as Aqua, Arya, Aurora, Immaculatu, Armonika, Fuoco or Lunar, in which evolve the different artists of the label, considering their musical orientations.
Between Sun and Moon looks for the ambition of discovery, while offering a compilation with a small price to the public in order to give us a concrete idea of the music and the artists that Amplexus proposes. The only unreleased track is the one of Loren Nerell, a magnificent ethno-ambient piece of music. There are also the coming artists of the label, with superb atmospheric, hovering tracks   (Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky, Matthias Grassow), or even heavy and oppressive, with a slightly industrial connotation (Rod Modell), or rich in frequencies and modulations, full of a spontaneous sounds (Quest). I especially appreciated the tribal and ritual sounds from majestic ambient artists with an incredible talent such as Solitaire, Amir Baghiri,  as well as the fruitful collaborations of this last one with Matthias Grassow and Gleisberg. An indispensable compilation for anyone who wants to have a small idea of the Amplexus sound, which will bring you discover some jewels within this exemplary discography.

Stéphane Fivaz
July 2000

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