O Quam Tristis

Funérailles des Petits Enfants (demo 3 tracks)

Here is a French formation that has only been existing for a year but displaying a strong maturity. O Quam Tristis is a quintet fascinated by medieval culture, their band name is taken from the beginning of a verse of the Stabat Mater. The ambiance stretches pleasantly towards the ethereal volutes of the heavenly voices, privileging the Qntal, Estampie or Opera Multi Steel filiation, whose comparison doesn't prove to be fortuitous. The lyrics in Latin, chosen in the Gregorian Manual, relate to a chapter dedicated to the funeral of very young children, from where the title of this demo is taken, whose official album should be released during the month of June on Palace Of Worms Records.

" In Deo Salutari - Gloria Patri " and its strong reminiscences to Opera Multi Steel opens the album, for a sumptuous crossing of the Middle Ages, with sparkling colors and true emotions. The voices of Katrina and Anna really sound beautiful and are deeply complementary. "Hic Accipiet" raises the veil on a more combative temperament than it usually appears here, with martial percussions, clearing with sharpness a delightfully devastating restraint. " Dirigatur Domine " brings us back on earth, without ending this beautiful dream though, with Latin declamations mixed with electro - medieval sounds. The use of flutes, dulcimers contrasts marvelously with the hard sounds of electronics and digital drums, creating an outstanding timeless music. Rarely just a few tracks as a demo will have given me an irresistible desire to appropriate me the album as soon as possible. The first attempt turns into a masterpiece….

Of course, this record comes highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
May 2000

Contacts and  informations :

O Quam Tristis
43 Rue Préfet Dalphonse
36000 Châteauroux
e-mail : o.quam.tristis@wanadoo.fr

The album will be available in June 2000 on the Italian label Palace Of Worms Records.