Vidna Obmana & Willem Tanke

Variations for Organ, Keyboard & Processors
Label : Multimood Records (MRC 031)

Vidna Obmana is incontestably located at the summit of the biggest names of the atmospheric dark-ambient music of vanguard. Recognized not only for his works in solo, his collaborations always have had value of intense qualitative exception. Wether it was with Steve Roach, Alio Die, Sam Rosenthal, Jan Marmenont, Serge Devadder, Jeff Pearce or Asmus Tietchens, every association brings its admirable surprise from where the incomparable key of Vidna comes out again incontestably. His collaboration with the Dutch organist Willem Tanke stands out without hesitation as the most mystical recording of his discography.

On the basis of compositions of Tanke, inspired by the book of Fritjof Capra " Tao of Physics " talking about the similarities between the modern physics of the West and the mystical traditions of the East, from which an important European mysticism comes out by the use of the organ, Vidna succeeded in integrating admirably electronic to the warm sounds of the organ, for a rarely equaled musical marriage. A so perfect symbiosis that it becomes sometimes difficult to recognize the origin of the instruments. Superb atmospheric ambient tracks, as bewitching as hypnotizing, sublimating an unique harmony. The answer of electronics to the organ can be conceived in parallel to the echoes between science and mysticism.

Vidna even pushed his resonant obsession as far as preserving the small grindings and various noises that appeared during the recording - and normally erased for commercial reasons - to make these sounds come out even better, with loops of small jangles, only to mention an example .

A very intense and meticulous record which easily comes out to be another masterpiece in the discography of the Belgian musician.

More that advisable, indispensable and vital!

Stéphane Fivaz
April 2000

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