Ignaz Schick


This brave gentleman must certainly not speak French, otherwise he would never have titled his album that way. Ignaz Schick is a man whose musical course passes by jazz,  free jazz and  contemporary and scratch music. He also collaborated with, amongsn other, Tarwater, Don
Cherry, To Rococo Rot, Borguesia or Laibach, to mention just a few. As a matter of fact he was then interested in the electronic manipulations and its derivatives. Tabit is composed of four tracks of 5 to 20 minutes each, rather uniform, using different concrete noises, like a crowd walking in the street, or the uproar of a restaurant, nicely looped. Onefinds a deformed bass, high and low frequencies, noises and hisses from different mixes,  extreme manipulations of analogical and digital sounds  …etcs. If this work is very interesting in its sound structure, it is difficult to listen to it in its whole, or on the length. It's better to only listen to some small parts sometimes .....
Nevertheless worthy of interest, would be only for the important work done on each sound frequency.

Stéphane Fivaz
September 2000

Label : Zarek (02)

Distributors :
Allemagne : Zangi Music (www.zangimusic.de)
                   Drone Records (DroneTroum@aol.com)
France : Metamkine (metamkine@compuserve.com)
Reste du monde : Zangi Music