Itís been two years since our favourite messengers of the Apocalypse Douglas P. and Albin Julius joined forces for the first time, and our impatience for the coming of the work which would have followed the masterpiece "Take Care and Control" of 1998 has grown boundlessly. At long last, the two poet/warriors have set off for their next mission: itís called "Operation Hummingbird".

Since its very title, which was the official name for the SS operation later known as "Night of the Long Knives",  this new 7 tracks mini-album presents itself as a celebration for the bandís 20 years of on-the-edge career.

With the first highly ironical and corrosive track, "Gorilla Tactics", Douglas P. gets a chance to thank the city of Lausanne for banning his show in 1998 -"Their banks are filled with Nazi gold but, Death In Juneís banned, I've been told". Another marvellous song from the album, which titles significantly "The Snows of the Enemy (Little Black Baby)", suggests to drive away from those who are "consumed by hatred and their misery", keeping on pointing the finger against symbols and esthetic appearances, while ignoring completely the real contents and aims of the bandís work.; wise as an average warrior who has survived thousands of mortal battles, Douglas P. prefers to leave, holding a little black baby by the hand.

Albin Juliusíorchestrations are epic and magnificent, they capture the listener among powerful orchestral masses, such as those featured in "Kapitulation" and "Winter Eagle", or the rhythmic and rather esoteric sounds of "Flieger". The lyrics of these new songs deals as usual with the themes of fight, honour, struggle, death and despair, which weíve got used to know down the years. The highly recommended limited edition LP version features different mixes of some of the tracks and comes together with limited poster and cards.

The only other thing I can say is: long live Death In June !

This is not a reminder, this is a memory....

Ragnar Redbeard

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B.M. June, London WC1N 3XX, England
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Photo by Myriam Blassnigg

Douglas P.'s banned
In Lausanne
That fair City in Switzerland
That clean needle in junkyland

April 2000