David Maranha


What a wonderful and moving album! David Maranha is not a newcomer. Portuguese violinist and  composer of extreme experimental music, he releases with " Circunscrita " his third solo album for the excellent Swiss label Namskeio, and he also has a long experience with the project Osso Exotico, specialised in resonant manipulations on string instruments. The surprise is big when we realise which are the instruments used to lead to these troubling and superb atmospheres, magically decomposed  with the help of a violin, a guitar, a harmonium, an organ and a bass. A hallucinating succession of drones, dark and bewitching, evolving quietly in linear structures, powerful and dangerous. The tracks stretch, in long and interminable notes, that follow themselves slowly, inexorably. The time seems suspended. These sounds, commonly regrouped under the appellation " sound art ", take all their strength on true instruments. An alchemy sometimes heavy and painful for earsthat are not accustomed to these treatments, but so delicate if one takes enough time to get closer to these structures.  A rich and intense experience that we can't forget.
Indispensable and essential!

Stéphane Fivaz
July 2000

Contact :
David Maranha
e-mail : osso.exotico@mail.telepac.pt
web : http://planeta.clix.pt/osso.exotico

Label and distributor :
Namskeio records
P.O. Box 409, 1000 Lausanne 9, Switzerland
Phone : +41 (0)21 / 808 52 12
e-mail : Namskeio@namskeio.com
web site : http://www.namskeio.com