Jack Or Jive


The Japanese are better known for their noise industrial scene, often extreme, but we shouldn't forget the charming Jack or Jive duet, that became famouse in the beginning of the 90's within the heavenly voices scene, with some charming and ethereal albums. "Kismet" certainly renews with the favourite themes of the band, but with a more ambient music, tinted of ritual and aerial ambiances, enveloped by the caresses of the flute, the percussions, the piano and the syntesizers. The voice of Chako is always as etheral, with however an exactness which makes it sound more harmonious. Her vocals float tirelessly above the compositions, out of the clouds, contemplating the reflections of the sun, over the masses. And this orientation materializes in a less dark album than the precedents, serene, arrived to maturity. Jack Or Jive doesn't have anything to envy to the European tenors of angelic music, proving on longevity that their manner to ally modern sound structures and centennial traditions challenge time and fashions. A very beautiful album filled of infectious melancholy, and of sweetness and pleasure.

Highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
December 2000

Label :
PRIKOSNOVENIE  : http://www.multimania.com/prikos/
e-mail :  prikos@worldnet.fr

Contact :
web : http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~gargoyle/transience/transience.html

Discography :
- Prayer (1990) réédition Prokosnovénie 1999
- Mujyo (1992) réédition Prokosnovénie 1999
- Kagura Live (1994)
- Kenka (1996)
- Tidal Current (1998)
- The Earth (1999)
- Kismet (2000)

+ side project : A Solo Exhibition

Audioglobe (Italie/monde) / Fnac import (France) / Middle Pillar (USA) / Lowlands (Belgique) / Target, Dark
Vinyl (Allemagne)