Premier Jour

After a 6 tracks ep released in 1997 and a first album "Introvertu" in 1998, the trio from Grenoble now release their second opus on the Genevan label Noise Product. "Premier Jour " has been recorded in the Studio des Forces Motrices by David Weber, already responsible of the first
recordings of the Young Gods. Music always remains as tense and hypnotic, very nervous and chaotic. The references bring us to the territories explored by Jesus Lizard,or sometimes Fugazi, and very often Noir Désir, but with more unhealthy aspect, tortured and exploding. The guitar shouts and roar, on distress calls from incisive words. One even find a cover of "Love on the Beat" of Gainsbourg, hardly recognizable, as well as the track " Ouvre-moi " appeared on the sound track of the movie "Baise-moi" of Virginie Despentes. A raw album, without flourish, with an accomplished maturity.
A very nice and beneficial surprise within the "French rock family" ...
Very interesting!

Stéphane Fivaz
December 2000

Label : Noise Product Records
4 Place des Volontaires
1204 Genève

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