Les Joyaux de la Princesse : "Croix de Bois Croix de Feu", another masterpiece within an admirable discography.
Sieben : "The Line and the Hook",
Forthcoming Reaping Horde releases : "Inverno - Nerthiagh - Urdraum",
V/A : "Za Dom Spremni", double compilation released by Thaglasz,
Sol Invictus : "Brugge",
Argine : "Memorie",
Ornament : "Adorers",
V/A : "Oktagön - the sampler",
V/A : ""Inquinamento acustico vol. I",
Neutral : "Walpurgis Night at Luisen Kirche, Koenigsberg Live",
Gerome Nox : "Blood-red Poppies", le retour du leader de Nox,
Orplid : "Barbarossa"
General Magic : "Rechenkönig", experimental electronica from Austria.
V/A : "LANding", compilation with Austrian and Swiss electronic artists, excellent !
V/A : "2000 Hands", excellent post-industrial compilation on Hands Productions. 
Holon : "Japanorexia", superb album of dark and ambient electronica on Noise Museum.
Uli Troyer : "Nok", minimalist sound art from Austria.
Jonty Harrison : "Évidence matérielle", a very interesting electro-acoustic record, on Empreintes Digitales. .
Scratch Pet Land : "Solo Soli iiiii", experimental and improvised music from Belgium.
Quincannon : "Who defecates in your head Bob ?",
Sed Nove : "Infinity Lifetime", superb album between post-rock and dark experimental music, a revelation !
Savage Gentlemen : "3-Song Demo", American cyber-metal goth band.