Sed Nove

Infinity Lifetime
Formed in 1997, the group from Coulommiers already released a cassette and a mini CD. Their musical color of their beginning, deeply anchored in a minimalist, industrial and cold-wave style, appears thereafter more toward ambient territories to succeed into their own identity. Once theiy digested their influences, Sed Nove could concentrate on the development of an album, concretized today under the features of the superb " Infinity Lifetime ". Without knowing the origin of this recording, I would think that this album has been produced by David Weber in the Studio des Forces Motrices in Geneva, so much the sound is close to the recordings already released in this studio. One sometimes thinks about the Young Gods, or Noir de Soie, or Tanger, maybe more in the spirit that in the music, in their most experimental shortcomings. The use of samples and different machines contributes to enrich their sound, giving a particular aura divinely to the already  very convincing compositions with guitar, bass, battery. The album is entirely based on the fashions of communications, on the man's reports with the technology. And musically the theme flows between the mechanical rigors of electronics and the uncertain spreadings of the instruments. Crystalline tracks, complex and intense, coming very close to the post - rock school installed in Chicago or Montreal. As if the " Hollow Hills " of Bauhaus was covered by Tortoise or Godspeed You Black Emperor. Music stretches, spread out, dull and dark, such as a lunar reflection for nocturnal anguishes , possessed by a tragic and immediate beauty. An album of a lightning maturity, out of the common currents, passionate and rebel. There's no doubt that Sed Nove will quickly be amongst the best bands in the independent scene, and very shortly.
Excellent. A superb and very sensible album !!!  Highly recommended !!!

Stéphane Fivaz
January 2001

Contact :
Sed Nove
c/o Grégory Roussel
14, rue du Clos Billard
77120 Coulommiers
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Discography :
- In Memoriam, cassette 5 tracks, 50 copies, 1997
- Pictures & Moments, MCD 4 tracks, 500 copies, 1998
- Infinity Lifetime, CD 8 or 10 tracks, will be released at the beginning of  2001.