What a magnificent album! The Japanese Riou Tomita and the Belgian Koen Lybaerts made themselves know by their electronic experimentations on the "Wreck this Mess part 2" compilation released on Noise Museum, or within Starfish pool. Of this artistic union is born Holon, a project of pure and sensitive electronica, allying the electronic magic to the out of breath and hypnotic sensations of an experimental music. This album has been prepared during more than one year, working on the smallest details, allying the perfectionist obsession of these masters of sound. One  recovers some rather ambient tracks,and especially some magnificent repetitive electronic pieces, beautifully rhythmic, nearly industrial, demonstrating an impressive sound research  of an. It is rare that a record of this kind of music provokes such a sensation of well-being, of appeasement in the pain, of biting sweetness, of vindictive sensitivity. This album has just been released and will surely  become a classic, and a must .....
Highly recommended !!!!

Stéphane Fivaz
January 2001

Contact :
Alice In Wonder Records
A Noise Museum records production

Distribution :
Europe : Target
Benelux : Lowlands, Bang
France : Ici d'Ailleurs, Chronowax
Germany : Kompakt, Hausmusik, Target
UK : Cargo