Scratch Pet Land

Solo Soli iiiii

Scratch Pet Land is the project of two Belgian brothers fascinated by experimental and improvised , free - jazz and electro acoustic music. Their album swarms of various digital and acoustic sounds, of naive melodies, of mischievous sound manipulations, of sudden frequencies. One would believe to hear sometimes the soundtrack of some sophisticated video game, advancing to the will of the hazardous discoveries of the computer program. Yet each piece is perfectly decomposed,  reworked and structured,  very well studied, and we end thinking about an interminable feeling of a big mess, which is in fact a lot more coherent that it appears however.  A very interesting sound bank for who is interested in the particularities of the surrounding noises, becoming by the same time instruments of music.
Very interesting!

Stéphane Fivaz
January 2001

Label : Sonig

Distribution :
Suisse : Namskeio, Zomba, Karbon
France : Chronowax
Canada : Thrill Jockey