Jonty Harrison

Évidence matérielle

Here is again a new realization of the Canadian label Empreintes Digitales, specialized in the electro-acoustical sounds, that is not going to be as easy of listening that the previous ones. Yet none of the sounds appearing in this album are unknown. Jonty Harrison recorded them while walking on a street, the Rue Schaefer, on both sides of the sidewalk, or while being in a kitchen, in a forest, close to a source of water, and recorded at the sounds that interested and intrigued him. It's quite funny to try recognizing the source of this impressive sound bank, with various and
murmured noises, to which one doesn't often pay attention, or not enough... It is only after having recorded all these sounds that the work of composition intervenes, looking for a compatible sound entity with the whole recordings, returning this varied and heterogeneous heap into an homogeneous and coherent mass. Some scattered words, pans, brakes, cars, bars of aluminum, stems of metal, water drops, etc.... All these sounds that one won't be able to hear the same way anymore after a careful listening of this album.
An impressive and very interesting work!

Stéphane Fivaz
January 2001

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Label : Empreintes Digitales

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France : Metamkine
Suisse : Karbon
Spain : arsonal
NL : Staalplaat
Czech Republic : RéR CZ
UK : RéR Megacorps, These Records, Touch