General Magic


What to say about such a record, except that it is at least disconcerting. Released on the Austrian label Mego, one attends to a vast number of sounds, without a strong structure, collected comatosely for the best and for the worse. We find everything, from the simply tolerable and opportunist, to superb pieces of pure electronica, in the purest tradition of sound art, highly repetitive. It becomes indispensable to do a stern sorting within these 26 pieces, which constitute for half of them of a very good album of electronic experimentations, unfortunately vainly accompanied  by bleeps, blups and scratches as useless as boring.
A good album nevertheless, if you want to privilege the quality to the quantity ... so forget the other half of the album.

Stéphane Fivaz
January 2001

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Worlwide : Target, M.Dos Direct online
Suisse : Karbon Distribution