Uli Troyer


Uli Troyer is a sound artist from Vienna. He prepares his compositions as other cook in their kitchen, but in this precise case, the originality is not very high and everything must be cooked in hot water without dressing. Although he received the Honorary Mention of the Price Ars
Electronica 2000, I have difficulty interfering me in these compositions taken from a bad cartoon, using some sounds recorded here and there, infiltrating the electro-acoustical disappointments of his eldests. Each track is rather pleasant, but the monotony gets easily high, especially as the whole tracks of this 6 track ep looks exactly alike, excepting the fifth one, beautifully rhythmic, sounding like a beneficial relief.
Interesting but not essential.

Stéphane Fivaz
January 2001

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Worlwide : Target, M.Dos direct online (www.mdos.at)
Suisse : Karbon Distribution