2000 Hands

2000 Hands is a luxurious compilation of the label Hands Productions, presenting their artists evolving within hard and intense electronic musics, from drum and bass to harsch and noise sounds and to various and subtle experimentations. The compilation itself is presented under the shape of a double CD or a packing of 5 vinyls. A general view of the label clears itself thus to satisfy the curious and the connoisseurs fond of exclusive tracks. Each project presents three tracks, for a total length of more than two hours and a half of post - industrial music. Orphx opens the dance, with furious and feverish rhythms, filled of saturated sounds and drum and bass. Proyecto Mirage are in an identical vein, maybe a few more moving and complex. Winterkälte are excellent with their paranoiac and sharp music, sending to us their sickly distortions, ornamented with the superb remix of " Tropical Timber Trade ", martial and passionate. MS Gentur swings between warbling rhythmic and tribal rythms, while Needle Sharing dive into electro techno and drum and bass deliriums. NKVD is composed of members of Mlada Fronta and Corpus, two groups from the South of France, presenting magnificent pieces oscillating between experimental ambient, cold ambiances and destructive madness, between violence and sweetness. Typhoid stands in the right lign of productions delivered by Ant - Zen or Hymen. One recovers with pleasure the talented Belgian of Ah Cama-Sotz, with three superb dark and dull, martial and ritual tracks, perfect soundtrack of an imaginary and deafening apocalypse. Xabec evolve in a strident and introvert dark-ambient, mingling   troubling samples to electro-acoustical sounds. Last but not least,  Schachtanlage Gegenort, with ritual power - electronics rhythms interrupted by some drum and bass, for a surprising result.
An excellent compilation, in an innovative industrial register, that all amateur of intense music must possess.

Highly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
January  2001

Label : Hands Productions

Distribution :
Worldwide : Hands Productions (
Europe without Germany, Austria, Switzerland : Hands, Audio Globe, Target, Triton
North America : Hands Productions, COP