At the end of the year 1999, several Austrian artists active in theelectronic and experimental scene associated to form the project of Culture LANding-Electronic. A particular exhibition was organized therefore in the Tyrolese Landesmuseum Fernandeum, changing from an Art and History Museum into a temple dedicated to the cult of sampling and computers. The compositions presented during this event are partly on the LANding compilation, regrouping all these artists from the LANS (Local Area Networks). And the result is impressive and fascinating. One thinks about the works of Lagowski with SETI, a mixture of electronics and spatial sounds taken from the best soundtracks of extraterrestrial science-fiction movies. Most tracks have an experimental electronic ambient obedience, and some rather move into an electronica direction with a jolly techno rythm.. One recovers between othersStefan Bidner, Thomas Feuerstein, Markus Hammer, Mayr/Wazacs, Franz Pomassi and Voice Crack from Switzerland.
A superb compilation for who wants to start an initiation to the delicate digital rythms of a scene in full evolution.
Excellent from the beginning to the end.

Stéphane Fivaz
January  2001

Label : Triton

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