TOTENLIEDER / REUTOFF - The World Will Never Know - 7" - 2 tracks - Sweet Farewell - 2003

First release by the newborn Canadian label Sweet Farewell, 'The World Will Never Know' is a split 7" between Totenlieder and Reutoff.

The record opens with the Reutoff contribution 'Children of the Dead'. As usual, the cult industrial Russian act does not disappoint, offering a really good track with sampled Russian voices mixed with sonorities and rhythms undeniable influenced or inspired by Coil in their 'Love Secret Domain' period. An excellent pure cold industrial track in the caracteristic Reutoff style.

The b-side reveals the Totenlieder contribution. Totenlieder is the new project of Sebastien Leduc, formerly known for his previous act Sorgeist and the 7" 'Les Roses du matin' released on HauRuck!
They provide a cover of Janitor 'Lacerate your mother's neighbour' (from the 'Receiving a flower on Mother's Day' album). I do not really know what to think of this cover, except that it needs several listening to grow on you... It sounds as a low-fi recording (in rupture with the sound recording of the Reutoff track) with some acoustic and electronic elements that accompanie a slurred voice... I admit not to be entirely convinced by the idea of presenting a cover song as a first work... But this is the artist's choice and judging from the Totenlieder actuality in the months to come, people will soon have the opportunity to discover other facets of Totenlieder's music, like the instrumental pieces kindly recorded for the Heimdallr Radio Session #3 (and that are available on our Sessions page).

This 7" is limited to 524 copies on heavy black vinyl and comes with a cover featuring a nice painting that, unfortunately, comes with no details.
This item is not yet sold out by Sweet Farewell and any other respectable mail orders so you know what you have to do before it becomes an expensive and hard to find record.


Nathalie F.
Winter 2004

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