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Download the Heimdallr Sessions as a CD quality mp3.

Heimdallr Session #5 : FDH

Broadcasted on 07/05/04
Session     Artwork

Tracklist :
       When In Need

Line-up :
       Frank den Haan - pre-programming, organ, piano, and real-time sound manipulation

Heimdallr Session #4 : Neutral

Broadcasted on 02/04/04.
Session     Artwork

Tracklist :
       Cold Iron
       Once in a Lifetime
       Ride On
       Red-Yellow Autumn Funeral

Line-up :
       Ash - vocals
       I.Lipkin - guitar
       Pit - guitar
       Veronika - vocals
       Noel - violin

The songs on this session were taken from a recording of the concert played in Boudry (Switzerland) on the 25th July 2003.

Heimdallr Session #3 : Tolenlieder

Broadcasted on 09/01/04.
Session     Artwork

Tracklist :
       Il faut souffrir pour être belle I - VII
       Nadie Sabe
       En Sacrilegio
       Souvenirs des temps jadis

Line-up :
       Sebastien Leduc

Heimdallr Session #2 : Naevus

Broadcasted on 03/10/03.
At the artists request, the session is not available for download.

Tracklist :
       Visions, Rushed
       Oracle, Oracle
       The Body Speaks in Tongues
       No, Remember

Line-up :
       Lloyd James - voice, acoustic guitar
       Joanne Owen - bass, accordion
       Greg Ferrari - electric guitar
       Hunter Barr - drums

Heimdallr Session #1 : Sleeping Pictures

Broadcasted on 08/03/03.
Session     Artwork

Tracklist :
       Living on Luck
       The Prize
       Plastic Flowers

       Marc Blackie - Vocals
       Gary Parsons - Guitar
       Renée Rosen - Violin
       Hunter Barr - Bass
       Lloyd James - Percussion