V/A - First - CD - 11 Tracks - Operative Records - 2001

This debut compilation from Operative Records is presented in a simple no-frills packaging that lets the music stand for itself. The eleven tracks offer an insight of the richness and the diversity of the current London scene. Under the patronage of John Murphy, present with his two projects Knifeladder and Shining Vril, it regroups an eclectic selection of new talented projects such as Antichild League, Leisurehive, Muffpunch and Naevus. The music is very varied, ranging from dark-ambient to ritual industrial, from power electronics to urban folk. A compilation in the form of a manifesto that will definitely interest those who like to discover new talent.

Ian C.
Janvier 2002

web: www.operative-records.co.uk
e-mail: info@operative-records.co.uk