V/A - 'Fidelis Legio' - 2xCD - 30 titres -
Neue Europäische Kultur & Oktgön - 2001

This compilation in tribute to the martyrdom and struggle of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and the Iron Guard was delayed many times, but it was well worth waiting for. Two books, two posters and a multitude of postcards complete the two CDs, presented in a superb 52-page A5 booklet. The many articles in English and German, written by Kadmon, Michael Moynihan, Martin Schwarz and Josef Klump amongst others, learn a lot about Codreanu and the Iron Guard.
Most of the tracks present on these two CDs were composed specially for this compilation by some of the best bands of the neo-folk/industrial scene and a number of new projects. The first CD regroups the best of the genre with superb tracks from Von Thronstahl, Tribe of Circle, Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Ain Soph, Darkwood, Scivias, Dernière Volonté and Blood Axis. Apart from the tracks from more established bands such as Days of the Trumpet Call, Changes, Argine and Von Thronstahl, the second CD is more unequal but it nonetheless allows one to discover promising new projects such as Socrates Wounded, Foresta Di Ferro and Wutanes Heer.
A magnificent production, as much by the aesthetic quality of the different elements as by the quality of the music. Hurry up to buy it, as this version is limited to only 300 copies. A more complete boxset edition exists, that is reserved for the 190 subscribers.

Ian C.
Janvier 2002

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