SEVEN PINES - THE GARDEN OF FAND - CD - 14 tracks - WSD - 2001

"The Garden of Fand" is the first album of this new project of Eric Roger, who for once has taken the upper hand over his schizophrenic alter ego GaŽ Bolg, even if this last one also participated in the recording of this album. Sometimes, it's best not to try to understand...
I admit that I was surprised by my first listen to this album, probably because I was expecting something else, which is a good thing... But, after a few listens, I definitely fell under the hidden charm of this mysterious and onirical album full of rich musical textures.
The music reflects romantic and folk influences tinted by psychedelia and is essentially built around the piano, strings (guitars, violin) and wind instruments such as recorders, oboes and trumpets. But all this would be nothing without the superb voice of GaŽ Bolg, which illuminates marvellously the beautiful compositions of this album. The fourteen tracks flow perfectly to form a coherent album that lead the listener through the different secret nooks and crannies of this garden dreamt by Fand...
One can only accept such an invitation to explore the dark and enchanting gardens of the Goddess. "Welcome, dear friends, to the Garden of Fand..."

Ian C.
February 2002