REUTOFF - ReuTRauM III - 7" - 2 tracks - Hau Ruck! - 2001

Once again, we hear from this band from the suburbs of Moscow...
It's the label Hau Ruck!, after an excellent first 7" "ReuTRauM IV" released on Drone Records, that presently enables this formation to diffuse its music beyond the Russian frontier. It even seems that A. Julius's label wants to extend this collaboration as the release of a 10" by Reutoff, always on HR!, is planned for the 25 March. In the meanwhile, this 7" once again confirms all the good I think of this trio that is discreetly rubbing shoulders with the best and most original formations of the moment in the industrial scene.

The first title "Moss" is, in my opinion, in the same vein as the first tracks composed for "Three Souls For A Reasonable Price". A dark and repetitive melody accompanies a masculine voice that seems to be talking in Russian and which carries a heavy burden of melancholy and suffering; a sort of barely audible haunting lamentation. And when the words can no longer be heard, the music adopts a more ritual dimension, an aspect hardly exploited up to now by this formation. With this title, it's one of the darkest aspects of their compositions that we can hear.

As for the second title "Morok", perhaps more classical, its first sonorities are well in line with those we accustomed to hearing from this formation. The track begins with a long ambient passage before it gradually leaves way to a harmonious telescoping of industrial sounds. At the end of the track, the music has taken you far from the soft peaceful atmosphere of the first few minutes. By a succession of electronic and industrial sounds marked by the now recognisable Reutoff print, they successfully succeed in carrying the listener away in a whirlpool of chaotic sounds before bringing him gently back to the starting point.

One has to recognise that Reutoff has a certain talent to create captivating and intense music. All it needs, now, is to talk more about this band so that they will at last get the recognition they deserve. That's why, it is more than likely that the release of this 7" (although limited to 350 copies) on a label that is becoming well established like HR! will help them! Perhaps it will then be possible this year to see them offer live performance in the countries of occidental Europe...

Nathalie F.
January 2002