WERMUT - Anna - CD - 13 tracks - Punch Productions - 2005

Announced in the press release as the third album of this up-and-coming retro-electro Franco-German duo, 'Anna' is in reality their first full-length album after two limited 10"s (which according to industry standards cannot be considered as proper albums) and a split 7". And a stunning debut-album it is... a concept album that tells the tale of wooden yacht called 'Anna' that was restored by an idealistic couple at the end of the 70's, who then embarked on a three-year long journey along three continents with only their intuition as guide.

The album opens and closes with the sound of waves softly ebbing against a hull that are slowly mingled with a slow, hazy ambient passage; a theme that is repeated several times throughout the album to suggest the repetitive nature of a long journey at sea. The rest of the album is mainly in the same vein, with many slow-paced Tangerine Dream inspired ambient tracks that create a soothing, floating atmosphere as the journey progresses. A tranquil, timeless feeling that is occasionally interrupted by a more upbeat acoustic electro-wave songs ('Vague à l'âme', 'Thetis' Wrath' and 'In Tiefster Nacht') in the same style as the duo's previous releases. A few familiar ports of call on this otherwise tranquil and uncharted journey into loneliness and introspection...

Wermut have used this true story as a metaphor to create an excellent album that portrays this adventurous spirit of the seventies and transports the listener into unexpected musical territories.


Ian C.
Winter 2006

'Anna' is presented in a lavish three-panel digipack with a twelve-page booklet and is limited to a thousand copies.

Wermut: eys.online.fr/wermut
Punch Productions: www.punchrecords.it