V/A - Eisiges Licht 2 - CD - 14 tracks - Eis & Licht - 2005

As indicated by the title, 'Eisiges Licht 2' is the second label sampler from the German label Eis & Licht. It presents fourteen artists from this well-established label's roster through a selection of older tracks and quite a few previews of things to come in 2006.

I won't dwell on the previously released tracks from Leger des Heils, Scivias, Darkwood, Ostara, Voxus Imp or Sonne Hagal as most of you probably know them already. The main interest of this compilation is the new material from established acts like Alex Fergusson, Lux Interna, Neutral, While Angels Watch or Nebelung or a crop of hopeful newcomers such as Primus Inter Pares, Kammer 7 or Waldsonne. And judging by what is on offer here, there should be quite a few good records to look forward to this year...
The music ranges from Velvet Underground inspired noisy pop, dark pop, ritual music to pure acoustic neofolk. A wide variety of songs, in which most music noir fans should be able to find something of interest to their particular and demanding tastes.

Sold directly by the label for four euros (including post and packaging) or offered free if you order two articles from their online shop, 'Eisiges Licht 2' is a good way for the initiated to discover the label's plans for this year. Or a good opportunity for the neophyte to discover their activities...

Ian C.
Winter 2006

Eis & Licht: www.eislicht.com