JANITOR - Qoumran 4-ever - CD - 6 tracks - Tesco - 2005

Just out on Tesco, the new and third Janitor album 'Qoumran' is one of those releases that seem to emerge from nowhere and that bring, at last, a real touch of fantasy and weirdness in the post-industrial scene... When the two masterminds Lina Baby Doll and Benny Nilsen (Hazard) decide to join their talent as Janitor, you can expect surprising and out of norm material... and, of course, the strangely titled 'Qoumran 4-ever' doesn't escape from this rule! Presented as the fruit of years of contemplation and research in the monastery caves of 'Qoumran' where the two protagonists would have found the hidden treasures they were looking for, this album is everything except material for meditation or for reaching a beatic state… let's consider it as a very diverse album that weirdly combines electronic soundscapes, drone waves and joyful rhythms, on which Lina's distinctive voice interferes.

'Qoumran 4-ever' contains 6 tracks for a total length of about a bit more than one hour. The pulsing 'Qoumran Inflight' that opens the cd will, for sure, transport you in the mood to simply enjoy the whole content of this cd as a strange journey...
The very efficient 'Humanity' follows close behind to let Lina's vocals (that remind me of John Lydon) break out on a drony and industrial background marked by repetitive beats and a familiar loop. As there is no pause between tracks, 'The Need For A Holy Spirit' arrives and merges with the previous one, to deliver what can only be described as a very long (33 minutes) industrial ambient session... Liturgical and mystical in some way but probably a bit too repetitive and long to maintain its hypnotising effect.
'A Secret Hidden In The Golden Sand', built upon drawn out ambient waves and minimalist electronic beats, offers one of those relaxing and psychedelic moments where you just have to listen and let your mind float.
A mood that quickly changes with 'Bridges' that creates a darker and tortured atmosphere, served by a fine assemblage of experimental and post industrial soundscapes with a repetitive rhythm, improved by a punctual and monotonous keyboard melody and Lina's distinctive vocals again. Actually, 'Bridges' ends where the sixth and last track has already started... 'Habelsbolet - Port Said' closes this opus, on a relaxing and pleasant industrial-ambient composition again but guided by a rhythm a bit more percussive and tribal this time. Very efficient, in the end!

'Qoumran' comes as a digipack cd featuring an artwork by both members of this famous Swedish duo. Be sure that if you're looking for a weird industrial record totally uninhibited from the usual industrial rules, you can purchase this one with your eyes closed.

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Winter 2006

Janitor: user.tninet.se/~bsb015v/Janitor.htm
Tesco: www.tesco-germany.com