GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ - Montauk Project - CD - 14 tracks - Tesco - 2005

Three years after the first and excellent conceptual album out on Tesco (and the 'Teddybear' mcd out in 2004), the German solo-project Galerie Schallschutz is back with a new release titled 'Montauk Project', presented as the direct follow up album to 'Haarp'…. You can, by consequence, expect a new chapter in the exploration of global conspiracy, secret programs… since 'Montauk Project' (also named the Phoenix Project, depending on the time period) was in the 70's and early 80's a covert governmental ultra-top-secret electromagnetic mind control and time experiment project that took place at an abandoned Air Force radar base at the southeast tip of Long Island (New York)... a base that should still be in use nowadays for ultra-secret research and experimentation into interdimensional technology, weather control, electronic and drug-based mind control... (just to name a few of these mad projects that are the work of secret societies).

It is of course difficult (and rather useless) to try to distinguish one track amongst them all as they all participate to the creation of this mysterious and attractive atmosphere. Simply, 'Montauk Project' has to be taken and experimented as a whole since with 14 tracks and a play time of 68 minutes it definitely surpasses anything released in the dark ambient noise style this year… and turns out to be even more efficient and captivating than the 'Haarp' cd.

The overall musical assemblage is mostly based upon dense layers of sound, pulsed and repetitive frequencies, drawn out ambient textures, multiple noises, deformed voices/cries… with some atmospheric passages… but expect to physically and mentally feel the special atmosphere of this record, especially on 'Montauk Chair' which is a real listening experience that will leave no listener insensible...
If Galerie Schallschutz was considered as a very promising act to follow closely after the release of 'Haarp' (and not as one of these numerous boring formations using 'serious' subjects and luxurious packaging as faire-valoirs), this new material focused once again on strong thematic content makes it an indispensable project in the dark-ambient-noise-industrial scene.

The regular cd edition comes in a dvd case featuring a holographic picture on the front-cover; as for the special limited handmade edition (only 83 numbered copies), it comes in a stunning S.A.G.E. radar station package.

As a conclusion, I will quote the last line of the press release 'The technology perfected in the Montauk Project is, unfortunately, extremely powerful'... as the same word applies to this outstanding document that also benefits from an excellent sound quality and production!

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Winter 2006

Galerie Schallschutz: