AMBERASYLUM - GardenofLoveAutonomySuiteStillPoint - 10" - 3 tracks - Bio-Fidelic - 2005

This San Francisco based band already released a few beautiful albums in the nineties (the last one being the beautiful "Supernatural Parlour Collection" in 2000), appeared with exclusive tracks on eight compilations, and collaborated with bands such as Neurosis, Swans or Matmos. Here they're back with an outstanding new release, a 10'' vinyl containing three tracks with neoclassical and post rock influences. This ep contains three tracks for over 21 minutes of music. It starts with "Garden of Love", a strong piece of music, melancholic and powerful, fragile and emotional. Musically it's not that far from Jarboe, or from post rock acts such as Tarentel. Cellos and violins, drums and a heavenly voice create an unique atmosphere. The second track, " Autonomy Suite", is instrumental only, with more drums and energy, in the best post rock tradition. It stands as a good connection between the first and final track, as it is not only the most powerful one, but also the shortest of the ep. The final track, "Still Point (2 movements)", is a splendid ethereal piece of music, for more than 10 minutes length, with a slow rhythm, romantic strings, and dreamy vocals. Certainly one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded by Amber Asylum. Heavenly Voices at its best. And finally, this is all available on vinyl, which looks and sounds so much better than on CD. Here you are all ingredients to have a superb record by an outstanding band.

Strongly recommended !

Stéphane F.
Winter 2006

p.s.: this is a self-released 10" vinyl record, so you can purchase it directly from the band. Just go to the following page to order:

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