TAUCHER MAGAZINE - Issue 02 - CDR - Taucher - July 2005

The second issue of this German post-avant-garde cdr-zine functions on two levels. On one hand you have a multi-media magazine, on the other you have an eclectic music compilation with tracks from Shock Headed Peters, Novy Svét, Jack Or Jive, Veil Of Secrecy, Arkkon, llovespell, People Like Us, Fear Falls Burning and Forms Of Things And Unknown which can be played on any home stereo.

This issue centres on the exploration of the "at home" feeling and each artist presented on the compilation is subjected the same questions that try to define his/her relation to home. Each interview also features an access to the track of the person(s) questioned and for ClauDedi a video of the head-honcho of the Roman underground preparing a dish of pasta for a gang of hungry mean-looking underground dudes.

All the interviews and reviews of this issue are available both in German and English, which makes Taucher essential reading, listening and viewing for any self-respecting international music playboy...

Ian C.
Autumn 2005

Taucher: www.taucher-online.org