TAUCHER MAGAZINE - Issue 01 - CDR - Taucher - March 2005

Taucher is a new magazine from Germany that attempts to cover a wide spectrum of strange and unusual music. Resolutely avant-garde in its orientation, this publication has forsaken the traditional paper format and is presented as a multi-media cdr with an online extension.

The cdr functions on two levels. If you insert the disc in a normal CD player, you get an audio compilation with tracks (of which six are exclusive) from C.O. Caspar, Matt Elliott, Asianova, D.B.P.I.T., Aidan Baker, Bad Sector, Tarkatak, Spiritual Front and Beachhead. If you insert it in your PC you get a multi-media magazine with an html interface. Interviews with Beachhead, C.O. Caspar, D.B.P.I.T., Matt Elliott, Tarkatak, Spiritual Front are accompanied by the music of the track featuring on the compilation are rounded of with an interview of the label Mystery Sea, a video from Tarkatak and a handful of selected reviews.

This is an interesting new publication that should soon become a must read for any post-avant-garde hipster. As long as they speak German, of course...

Ian C.
Autumn 2005

website : www.taucher-online.org