CYNFEIRDD - Issue #19 - 54-page magazine + CD - Spring 2005

This is the latest issue of this well-known French bilingual (French & English) fanzine, and perhaps the last. However, I will spare you the usual tearful obituary, as the label will continue its activities whatever may happen to the zine.

Between the covers illustrated with paintings from the English painter/musician Richard Moult, you will find interviews with Actus, Albeiron, Duparc, GaŽ Bolg, HERR, Irfan, Kinovia, Pilori, Wolfsblood, Richard Moult and an interview of the French label Infrastition. These interviews are completed with 12 pages of reviews with a section devoted to DVDs.

As usual, the magazine comes with a CD compilation. 'Neither Beginning nor End' presents tracks from Richard Moult, Albeiron, Kinovia, Duparc, Wolfsblood, HERR, GaŽ Bolg and Pavillon 7B. Which is a good way to discover the music of the artists presented on the pages of the magazine.

Recommended reading and listening.

Ian C.
Summer 2005