ZOńT∑AON - Star Autopsy - CD - 9 tracks - Aural Hypnox - 2005

Fourth release on the Finish label Aural Hypnox, 'Star Autopsy' is the debut album of the dark ambient act Zošt∑Aon, based in Oulu (Finland). It features nine dark ambient compositions, for a bit more than an hour of music, that are truly impressive, especially for a first opus...

This record is definitely an invitation to a subconscious journey through ritualistic and dynamic soundscapes... There are so many elements mixed-up in each track that it's almost impossible to describe them all... but the subtle assemblage of drones, repetitive loops, metallic/atmospheric/cosmic sounds, cymbals, vocals, conventional instruments, various sound generating devices (such as analog synthesizers and samplers)... with occult references, participates to the introspective and enigmatic overall atmosphere.

The cd is limited to 1000 copies and once more, one will notice the particular attention that has been paid to the whole aesthetic, the cd coming in a nicely done 6 panel cardboard covers featuring original silver drawings on black textured paper.
From the quality noticed in the previous releases of the label, we had advised to keep an ear on Aural Hypnox and this very promising 'Star Autopsy' just confirms that this Finish label is on the good path...

Recommended to amateurs of dark-ritual ambient.

Nathalie F.
Spring 2005

Zošt∑Aon: kotisivu.suomi.net/sol/aon
Aural Hypnox: www.auralhypnox.com