TOR LUNDVALL - Last Light - CD - 12 tracks - Strange Fortune - 2005

It's hard to know wether I would have heard Tor Lundvall's music without the fact that Tony Wakeford took part to his first album. Or without the fact that Tor realised paintings for many Sol Invictus / Wakeford albums. But the quality of his music is so impressive that I'm sure it would have been very difficult with time not to cross his delightful sounds. Being a painter and a musician and composer gives him the ability to put images in his music. And this is particularly obvious with his first four albums, based on the four seasons, with a large variety of sounds reminding the special atmosphere of the nature at a certain time of the year. And now the seasonal cycle is completed, here comes a new chapter with "Last Light". As Tor explains about his inspiration, lyrics and vocals became more and more important : "The initial inspiration behind the album came from a journal entry I wrote in April 2002 entitled - Lying in Bed, a Strange Evening - . I remember watching the blueish-grey light shimmering outside, and hearing distant sounds echoing far away, eventually sinking into silence and stillness. I personally feel that this album is my strongest to date. Last Light is different from my past works in that the vocals are much more up front, and the music itself is more sparse and austere, although much is going on beneath the surface." Reverb-loaded electronics, ambient soundscapes, ethereal and moody atmospheres, aerial vocals. A beautiful and quiet album for the heart and the soul.

Stéphane F.
Spring 2005

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