SONNE HAGAL - Nidar - MCD - 4 tracks - Grunwald - 2005

This new record from the well-established German neofolk act Sonne Hagal is their first release for the Grunwald label, ran by their friend Andreas Ritter of Forseti fame. Announced as a foretaste to the album 'Jordansfrost' that should be out next spring, this mcd gives a good indication of the musical direction the band is following at the moment.

The music is based on a fine blend acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. The keyboards and the deep-buzzing bass form dense textures that are offset by the warm, drawn-out sounds of Andreas Ritter's accordion and the swirling, soaring violin. Oliver's grave vocals in Czech (on 'Az ja pojedu', a catchy czech infant song) and English add a nice finishing touch to these four well-crafted songs that, listened together, establish a subtle yet strong feeling of tranquillity.

Although I have a personal preference for 'Follow the fair Sun' and 'The three Ravens', all four songs on offer on 'Nidar' have their qualities and leave me with a pleasant impression. If 'Jordansfrost' shows the same musical maturity as this release, then it's going to be a long wait until next Spring...


Ian C.
Summer 2005

'Nidar' comes in a six-panel digipack and is limited to 2000 copies.

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