POST CRASH HIGH - The apocalypse came yesterday and no one noticed - CD (multimedia) - 10 tracks - self-released - 2005

Those who manage to pick up the nice pearls amongst the mass of records released in the neofolk scene, should be curious to discover the side project of The Joy of Nature and Discipline… let's remember that this project from the Azores, was responsible, two years ago, for a very promising first full length album titled 'The Fog that Life is Haunted By'.

Luís Couto chose to come back, a couple of months ago, under the name 'Post Crash High' to self-release a multimedia cd titled suggestively 'The apocalypse came yesterday and no one noticed'. The musical part of the cd features 10 tracks for a total length of about 65 minutes. Amongst the instruments used, one will recognise guitars, bass, keyboards, violins, percussions, bells… sometimes mixed with samples (like for example on the post-industrial ninth track that includes recording of Ezra Pound, and Roger Blin reading Antonin Artaud). The result offers a varied and eclectic panel of music (and the duration of the tracks too)… ranging from dark ambient, post rock, noisy, experimental to ethereal folk compositions. And as it was already the case with TJONAD, the diversity (but controlled and coherent) is one of the main qualities of this album… where each track plunges the listener into different states of mind and moods… aided in this goal, by the alternation of long and short tracks.
The interest of this work also resides in the non-audio part of the cd that contains an animation with photos, illustrations and occasional texts… all referring (and enlightening) to each audio track.

This very limited cd (only 77 numbered copies!) comes in a jewel case and includes a 4-page booklet featuring information about each track as well as bunnies printed artwork.

A very complete and promising work that is worthwhile being discovered.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2005

Post Crash High :