Ô PARADIS - El Juego Negro - 7" - 4 tracks - Autre Que - 2005

Did you honestly expect us to write a review of this record released by the new label set-up by two of the main members of the Heimdallr staff ? It would go against our ethic, which we have maintained for six years now, of according no particular favouritism in our reviews, even if it meant receiving no more promo material (and even insults) from some labels and/or artists who have difficulties in accepting this policy.
Of course, we couldn't pass this record completely under silence so you can read the press release that features on the Autre Que website instead.

Summer 2005

Autre Que is a small label from the Côte d'Azur, set-up by two members of the Heimdallr webzine.

For our first release we gave carte blanche* to Demian of Ô Paradis who, with the help of his friend Juergen from Novy Svet, came up with a strange musical game. On each side of the record a dark, moody track is paired with a sunny, uplifting song... grief and despair are opposed to a lust for life in the black game of life and death...

Presented in an elegant cover, 'El Juego Negro' comes on heavy white vinyl and is strictly limited to 222 hand numbered copies. All the songs were professionally mastered to analogue tape to get the best sound possible. This is a high quality product, like only the French know how to make them.

- Black Wings
- 30 Monedas
- El que no conoce Dios
- Funtime

Release date: 21st September 2005
More info and preorders:
Website: www.autre-que.com

* carte blanche is a French expression that can be translated as giving full artistic control to the artist.