Ô PARADIS - Desterrado - 7" - 2 tracks - Klanggalerie - 2004

Released a few months ago on the Austrian label Klanggalerie, 'Desterrado' is the last work to date from our preferred Catalan musician Ô Paradis. This 7" features two beautiful and catchy songs that will please all those who have paid attention to this talented artist, from his quite recent collaboration with Novy Svet or from his first steps…

The first track ('Exiled') opens the record with a quite typical Ô Paradis song… a nonchalant rhythm and the unique vocals of Demian singing in Spanish mixed with a multitude of subtle little noises, carillons, sustained percussions…a sad and melancholic atmosphere floats above this song.
'El Gato del Marinero' ('The Sailor's Cat') reveals itself as an addictive Ô Paradis song… Demian's drawn out vocals are combined this time with a punctual eerie female choir, soft percussions and a heady (menacing at times) rhythm that overshadows the whole track.

This exquisite little 7" is limited to 200 hand-numbered copies only and is absolutely recommended, of course.

Nathalie F.
Winter 2004/05

Ô Paradis : www.o-paradis.com
Klanggalerie : www.klanggalerie.com