OMNE DATUM OPTIMUM - Missa XXI - CD - 11 tracks - Cynfeirdd - 2004

Sometimes we receive at the Heimdallr office so many records at the same time that a few go completely unnoticed. 'Missa XXI', the debut album from the French solo-project Omne Datum Optimum was unfortunately one of them. But it is better to discover this album later than never...

Presented by a sticker on the cover of the album as a side-project of a member of Gaë Bolg and the Church of Fand, ODO is not a complete newcomer to the scene; at least for those who own the two ultra-limited 7"s or the Oran Mor trilogy. These happy few will no doubt be delighted to learn that Gaudinis TH+ was assisted by Karin (Les Secrets de Morphée) and Gérard (Am'Ganeshan) on two tracks of this opus.

Keyboards, samples, flute, piano and subdued percussions are combined with deep vocals in Latin and French to create a constant flow of long neo classical tracks with a strong liturgical and medieval atmosphere. An impression that is reinforced by the artwork; Missa XXI is presented like a prayer book (a "missel" in French) with the mystic sounding, cryptic track comments printed on the 8-panel digipack.

Even if the album suffers from a slightly murky sound, the quality of the compositions stands out. If a few good tracks can be heard here and there throughout the album, the music can become a bit tedious after a while for those, who like me, are not particularly fans of medieval inspired heavenly voices. Although I can easily imagine that the amateurs of the genre will no doubt enjoy this album.

Inspired by a particularly painful sentimental separation, the music on 'Missa XXI' is so laden with the torments of despair and the ever-open wounds of a soul laid bare, that it remained hidden away by Gaudinis TH+ for over two years. If it was not for the insistence of L'Archiviste, this record would probably never have seen the day. Should he be thanked for this charitable act? That is for you to decide once you have listened to the music...

Ian C.
Summer 2005

Presented in a luxurious 8-panel digipack, 'Missa XXI' is limited to 936 copies.

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