NOVY SVET / HIS DIVINE GRACE - nachtfang - 10" - 2 tracks - Reue Um Reue - 2005

First release on the new German label Reue Um Reue, 'Nachtfang' is a collaboration between two of the most interesting post industrial acts, Novy Svet and His Divine Grace.
The theme of this work is strange enough (to say the least) to pique the interest of any open-minded/eared listener... since 'Nachtfang' (Night capture) was conceived as an homage to the millions of insects who die each night, attracted by the artificial lights.

The first side features the Novy Svet/His Divine Grace composition 'Disparo' begins with a short introduction based on repetitive percussions and drones before leaving place to a weird combination of Juergen vocal's and sound effects in the background (reminiscent of Coil).
Then, considering the effects on Juergen vocal's (that could be the inner voice of the insect) like the different phases of this trip to the lights, the track slows and turns to 'slow motions'... a strange mix of experimental, occasional drum'n'bass rythms... up to the irreversible moment of the capture symbolised by noisier sounds. Follows a very athmospheric and ambient passage (rythmed by a few beats here and there) that concludes in a subtil way what could be a requiem to all these short but intense lives/deaths.

'Diptera' that features on the b-side is, contrary to the first composition, attributed to His Divine Grace/Novy Svet... so, one can expect that it is mainly guided by Moonchild Erik and more ambient atmospheric inspired than 'Dispara'. The sound of crackling vinyls mixed with the sizzeling sound of an insect reaching his stars opens the track. Floating and haunting soundscapes are subtely intersected by Juergen's drawn out vocals, glass noises, and insect souding vocals... Moments of slight tension are distilled with parcimony all along the track and create a strange and melancholic athmosphere... only the spanish samples and a few beats in the end of the track will raise the listener from his/her illuminated state.

'Nachtfang' is a very promising first release for this new label and a collaboration that was worth being tempted... At first approach, this may not be easy music/thematic for the non-initiated, but each listening will help this opus to grow on you and will reveal itself as a rare experience and an original trip.
Hopefully, the most Spanish Austrian band and one of the most discrete and talented French acts will have the fine idea to reedit such collaboration and entwine their universes/sounds again...

A highly recommended musical curiosity.

Nathalie F.
Summer 2005

Featuring also Frl. Tost on turntables and Demian (Ô Paradis) on bass, this 10" is limited to 525 copies and comes on grey vinyl with several inserts.

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