LUFTWAFFE - Solipsistica Nihilisti - 10" - 10 tracks - Punch Productions - 2004

Released a few months ago on the Italian label Punch Productions, 'Solipsistica Nihilisti' is a new 10" from the Chicago-based band Luftwaffe. Following the recent full-length cd 'Trephanus Uhr', this new material feature ten tracks of which five are exclusive.

Mostly based upon percussions, martial and bombastic rhythms combined with noise manipulations, speech samples, despaired/vociferous vocals, keyboards and nihilist lyrics… Lutwaffe's compositions mostly reflect a dark and heavy atmosphere with some quieter moments featuring acoustic guitars, like on 'Nebuchadnezzar Division' or 'Satan and the Sun'. There is also a cover of Sol Invictus 'Fields' featuring Richard Leviathan (Ostara) on vocals.

All in all, this record could sound a bit too cliché to some of you, mixing elements already used ad nauseam by former martial formations… but 'Solipsistica Nihilisti' will surely please all fans of Boyd Rice/NON, Der Blutharsch and the like…

As it is the case with Punch Productions since the beginning, a particular attention has been paid to the packaging. This record, limited to 303 hand numbered copies on blue vinyl, comes with a large linoleum cut poster art.

Nathalie F.
Winter 2004/05

Punch Productions: