LOVESPELL - symmetric poetry - CD - 11 tracks - Sonderübertragung! - 2004

Out last year on Antler's Mulm label Sondereübertragung!, 'symmetric poetry' is, I suppose, the first release of Lovespell. The cd is limited to 500 copies and comes in a fold out paper-cover that suits fine the musical content.

It features 11 tracks for a total length around 47 minutes. The music is mostly minimal electronics with some easy listening passages and floating melodies.
The keyboard melodies mixed with subtle and occasional drones of 'm. reverence', the atmospheric soundscapes combined with small electronic beats of 'winter 2' or the 'thaw' version of this piece that calls upon additional elements such as drones, percussions, tinkles, creakings... all participate to the pleasant, though minimal, atmosphere of this record.
'Pretty flowers' based upon a strange alchemy of metallic percussions and clarinet, as well as the heavenly ambient composition 'a gentle way to burn' are amongst the most successful pieces of this work.

All in all, 'symmetric poetry', despite a very few feebler tracks, is a pleasant and convincing first release with which Lovespell reveal a very interesting potential. This German act is probably not as hype as others formations in the scene, but indeed it is worth keeping an ear on them... which should be quite easy these days since they have just released their debut album 'signatures of sympathy' also on Sondereübertragung!

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2005