LEGER DES HEILS - Sub Specie Aeternitatis - CD - 12 tracks - Chaos.Pro - 2004

Released last December on the already defunct Chinese label Chaos.Pro, 'Sub Specie Aeternitatis' features rare and previously unreleased tracks of the German band Leger des Heils.

The first six tracks are extracted from the 'Precatio' 10", released in 2000 on Eis & Licht, as their debut album... they are pleasant neoclassical melodies, accompanied by martial drums and vocals largely influenced by Michael Moynihan. They have not aged badly but what already sounded not that original to my ears years ago couldn't have been transformed in something unique and original over the years… The rest of the cd just confirms my impressions as it features nice and well composed/played tracks but that eventually sound repetitive and boring...

Nevertheless, I guess that 'Sub Specie Aeternitatis', that gathers songs extracts from hard to find Leger des Heils material from 2000 to 2002 will largely interest those who discovered the band recently.

This is certainly the point (and the interest) of this release that comes in a sturdy digipack including a booklet detailing the origins of the songs.

Nathalie F.
Winter 2004/05

Leger des Heils: www.leger-des-heils.de
Chaos.Pro: www.chaospro.net