LAURENT PERNICE - Humus -- Musiques immobiles 5-15 - CD - 10 tracks - Monochrome Vision 2004

The name of Laurent Pernice always reminds me of the French noise-guitar industrial band Nox, though he's only been a member for three years at the beginning of the nineties. Maybe it's because I so much appreciated that band. Anyway the musical career of Laurent Pernice started before the Nox experience and is still very intense today, after many excellent electronic ethnic and experimental releases. His latest release to date under his own name is Humus - Musiques Immobiles, which has been released by the Russian label Monochrome Vision, a small structure devoted to electronic music. The music composed for this album has been done wether on purpose, wether by accident or by experimentation, while trying to distort the use of an instrument, as Laurent Pernice explains himself :" the first immobile music I "composed" was based on a double bass using only its extreme high notes and on a zither played with bass drumsticks. The incongruity between the technique and the instrument produced chance music which, in a certain sense, created itself." Instead of being structured musical pieces, it has more to do with atmospheres and climates. The attention of the listener becomes more involved in the project as the music doesn't really move, as static pieces with our ears running around. Pernice constructed his compositions with acoustic instruments, and also with machines and synthesizers. Then each sound is manipulated and what comes out becomes a surprise, like what we call chance music, John Cage being a pioneer in these experimentations. A hard listening for a musical pleasure.

Apart from being one of the most talented electronic artist in Europe, the latest interests of Laurent Pernice include also ethnic-jazz compositions with artists oriented into African/Brasilian jazz music, he also plays bass in the band Jugal Bandi (indo-africa-jazz), fonded the band Goldenberg & Schmuyle (electro-world), and plays jazz in Marseilles with Jacques Barbéri, a French writer and saxophonist.

Stéphane F.
Spring 2005

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