LAND:FIRE - physical : mental : psychological - CD - 10 tracks - Tesco - 2004

Second opus from the German act Land:Fire (also side-project of Herbst9) after the 'Gone' LP released two years ago on Loki Foundation, 'physical : mental : psychological' stands as a document and a reflection about the first practical atomic bomb test (name code 'Trinity') on the 16th July 1945.
This conceptual album, composed of ten tracks, is divided in three parts ('529:4507:1:645', 'sensation of heat' and 'thermonuclear process')… each of them exploring the different aspects of this atomic device...

The listener is plunged in an ambient and cold atmosphere built upon sound collages, historical speech samples, frequencies... that will make him/her quickly transcend time and place.
This conceptual album, released by Tesco, also benefits from a remarkable work on the packaging. The cd comes in a nice three-panel dvd digipack with orange photos of the atomic explosion in the background as cover art. It also includes an extensive booklet featuring a short text about the process treated in each track.

A recommended release served by a remarkable artwork that should easily convince amateurs of dark ambient acts such as Predominance, Inade, Cyclotimia, Galerie Schallschutz...

Nathalie F.
Winter 2004/05