INNER GLORY - Remains Of A Dream - CD - 11 tracks - HauRuck! - 2004

Released on the Austrian label HauRuck!, 'Remains Of A Dream' is the first full length album by the Italian band Inner Glory. It features songs from the demo, promo and vinyls re-recorded and re-arranged as well as new tracks. The most assiduous music followers will have heard of Jonny B. formation from their 7" 'War is forever' released a couple of years ago on HR!, then from the untitled 10" out later the same year.

Inner Glory's music is a fine mixture of neoclassical and neofolk compositions, nihilist lyrics sung in English and played by real instruments such as steel guitar, cello, piano, double bass… However, the imperceptible thing that makes an album special is missing here… at least to my ears. Perhaps, the Ain Soph influence ('Aurora' period) is too obvious to me... and I am not really fond of Jonny B. vocals either...

Whatever 'Remains Of A Dream' is an album that should please to those who like neoclassical and neofolk sonorities entwined and who are into projects like Spiritual Front, Calle della Morte...
The cd comes in a nice slipcase and all the lyrics feature on the booklet.

Nathalie F.
Spring 2005

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