HARVEST RAIN - Evening and Devotion - 7" - 4 tracks - OPN - 2004

We discovered the neofolk American project Harvest Rain with their first release on the French label OPN "A Frost Comes with the Wind" two years ago. But Jason Thompkins, the frontman of harvest Rain, already released at least seven albums from 1995 to 2000, all self produced, as well as recordings under the name of Cain River or under his own name. So we can't say they're newcomers.

Here they're back now with 4 tracks, two unreleased songs and two songs that appeared on limited compilations released by Thaglasz. There's not much change in the music since the last release, and it is a real pleasure to listen to these melancholic and spiritual dark-folk songs. Though songs like "Evening and Devotion" and "Song for Morning" look closer to the typically folk songs appreciated by Backworld or Darkwood, "Preservation by Ice" and "Raincloud with a Name" give a new dimension to Harvest Rain, which brings them along names like Death In June or :Of the Wand and the Moon:, with ethereal and icy minimal soundscapes, and a dark and monotonous voice, hidden by the Autumn fog.

A very good release for all lovers of pure dark-folk songs, with all the intensity and sensibility we appreciate in that music. Excellent soundtrack for rainy days, cold and windy, as the leaves fly away through the fog. As dark as luminous, Harvest Rain has gained in maturity and proved with honesty that their future is bright.

Stéphane F.
Winter 2004/05

The Evening and Devotion ep is an OPN edition strictly limited to 300 copies !
This 7" is available for 10 Euros postpaid.

To contact OPN : opn_france@yahoo.fr
You can also visit their post apocalyptical shelter : opn.free.fr
Or visit Harvest Rain's website : cainriver13.tripod.com/harvestrain/index.html