FIRE+ICE - Rūna - CD - 9 tracks - Fremdheit / Tesco - 2005

After the reissue of 'Gilded By The Sun' last year, 'Rūna' is the number two in the Fire+Ice backcatalogue to be re-released, some months ago, through Fremdheit and Tesco Distribution. One can only salute this excellent initiative, since this album, considered as a classic (and that inspired so many neofolk bands till now), has been out of print for a very long time and consequently difficult to find. Originally released in 1996 on Fremdheit, 'Rūna' is the fifth Fire+Ice album but it is above all Ian Read's masterwork of Lore in the Rune-Gild… a musical expression entirely focused on spiritual and intellectual research in runes but a message that works on various levels and for all listeners (even newcomers) who have ears to listen. It's a little to say that it's difficult to put words on the nine parts that forms 'Rūna'... a spiritual experience and not 'just a record to read about it' or to listen to absentmindedly....

'Rūna' stood out almost a decade ago and still deserves to stand out nowadays. Often copied but rarely equalled since, this reissue offers the opportunity (especially to the newcomers) to listen to one of the albums that have anchored a 'musical genre' named today as neo-folk… and that is, probably, the most magical release in the Fire+Ice discography.

The artwork and the cover are the same as the original... the only change concerns the font used in the booklet and on the backcover (as well as its layout). A faithful and very welcome reissue of another indispensable classic in the Fire+Ice discography and in all every apocalyptic folk record collection worthy of its name.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2005

Fire+Ice: BM Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX
Distributed by Tesco: