DUO NOIR - Marseilles - CD - 17 tracks - Tursa - 2005

This cd is the fourth instalment from the Sol Invictus (live) Archive series. This volume is a recording of a Duo Noir concert in, you guessed it, the French city of Marseilles on the 25 March 2000. That night, the infamous duo of Tony Wakeford (guitar, vocals) and Matt Howden (violin, vocals) were headlining a festival that also featured Ostara and Oraison on the bill.

Most Sol fans are probably familiar with the Duo (or Trio) Noir concept, but those not in the know it consists in Tony Wakeford accompanied by one or two musicians, playing stripped down or rearranged versions of Sol Invictus or Tony Wakeford solo classics. And this is just what you get on this recording of an exceptional concert...

The track list for this show is listed below, although I think the purpose of this record is more to highlight the quality of the performance than the songs themselves. The excellent sound of this recording does full justice to the duo's energetic, gutsy, passionate performance; played with such enthusiasm that at times you could think there were more than two people on stage. Something that makes 'Marseilles' more than just a document, it is also a particularly pleasant occasion to re-discover old favourites played in different, more direct style.

An excellent record, although for once I may not be that objective as I was amongst the audience that night...

Ian C.
Spring 2005

Like all the Archive series, this record is presented in a slim card cover and is limited to 1000 copies.
Track list : Ave Maria - Come The Morning - In My Garden - In A Garden Green - Amongst The Ruins - Media - The Fool - German Requiem - Sheath & Knife - The Widow - Believe Me - Fields - See How We Fall - Laws & Crowns - A Ship Is Burning - Against The Modern World - Death Of The West

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