DER BLUTHARSCH - Live at The Monastery - CD - 11 tracks - WKN - 2005

On the 1st May 2005, the day after the cancellation of the Vittoriale (Italy) event, Der Blutharsch played an acoustic concert in Vienna's Monastery in front of a selected audience of invited guests. 'Live at the Monastery' is the recorded document of that special performance.
For this occasion, the line up was extended to six musicians on stage playing acoustic instruments only… which is the point, interest and surprise of this live recording.

The tracklist features 11 tracks, all untitled of course... but despite their more folky form and interpretation, one will easily recognise 'Many Enemies Bring Much Honour', a great cover version of the Death In June 'Despair' song (originally on the 'Take Care and Control' album) with, I presume, Bain Wolfkind on vocals, a track from "When All Else Fails!" (with an appropriate and revenchist new chorus 'Me ne frego!'), 'Time Is Thee Enemy', the classic 'Vaterland' and the track including the 'Never Surrender / Never Give Up' chorus to conclude this special concert. A couple of unreleased songs were also played that night.
As mentioned above, all these songs were performed with acoustic instruments only (drums, clarinet, percussions, guitar...) and these new versions really work out fine. A ponctual (that makes this concert and recording special) and different facet of Der Blutharsch that is worth being listened... especially as the quality of this live recording is also at the rendez-vous.

As for the artwork, black is the dominant colour... The cd comes in a nice black digipack with black embossed letterings and a photo of the performance on the cover. 'Live at The Monastery' is also available as a limited gatefold LP edition.

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2005

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